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英语最标准的翻译是 Such is sb。 如:他就是这样一个人,诚实、善良、勤奋。Such is he,honest,kind-hearted and hardworking。 希望对你有所帮助 。学习进步快乐!

某人 + is such a person. 某人就是这样的一个人。 某人 + is a peson like this/ that. 某人就是这样/那样。 某人 + is one of these people. 某人就是这种人。

我就是这样一个人 英语翻译的翻译是:

Some people are just like that. You needn't find fault with me at all. That is the way with some people / That is the way some people do. It is unnecessary / There is no need for you to pick on me.

送她的是一对小娃娃,一男一女,小男孩代表守护、平安;小女孩代表带来好运!她说她希望我能像那小娃娃一样保护她…这是怎么理解?我和她是网友,聊了有两年了,网上关系很好 聊天偶尔带点儿暧昧,因为我喜欢她,以前从未见过面,第一次见面感觉...

mistakenly Will is thus produced

Rolling in The Deep

It is just the fact.

Yes, it is. This is the truth. yes, you did not get fooled by your eyes. This is the truth. 希望帮到你^^

we don't need to pay for each other. 我们不用互相付给对方钱

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