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英语最标准的翻译是 Such is sb。 如:他就是这样一个人,诚实、善良、勤奋。Such is he,honest,kind-hearted and hardworking。 希望对你有所帮助 。学习进步快乐!

某人 + is such a person. 某人就是这样的一个人。 某人 + is a peson like this/ that. 某人就是这样/那样。 某人 + is one of these people. 某人就是这种人。


我就是这样一个人 英语翻译的翻译是:

That's life. 法语是 C'est la vie.

生活就是这样, 平淡而又有激情. 英语: Life is such a thing that it's quite ordinary but passionate.

Some people are just like that. You needn't find fault with me at all. That is the way with some people / That is the way some people do. It is unnecessary / There is no need for you to pick on me.

mistakenly Will is thus produced

That's how I handle things.

Just like that everything will go well

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