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Even if you do not go with us, we will start the journey in two days. 就算你不和我们一起去,我们照样两天后出发!(含了又怎么样的意思。) 所以,even if 就行了,不需要把又怎么样写出来,后面的主句已经明白了,否则就不是英语。

就算: [ jiù suàn ] 1. (conj) given that... 2.granted that ... Examples: 1. 就算你对,可你要论证这一点却非易事。 Grant that you are correct, you may find it hard to prove your point. 2. "亲爱的,我今晚会早早回家的。""那好极了,"...

就算……也不会…… even if... not ... Even if you are telling the truth this time, I will not believe you. 就算你这次是在说实话,我也不会相信你。 Even if he is very rich, I will not borrow any money from him. 就算他非常富有,我也不...

If not convenient, after all, this is not a big deal. 如果不方便就算了,毕竟这不是什么大事。

Q: we should always be together, even if we have a quarrel, do not separate, you know?

If a person does not know how to be grateful, do not know how to pay, even more outstanding, what is the use?

“其实你会发现英美老板在提到自己的下属时用到很中国式的词:He is my man.” 同意!!还有小布什在宣誓的时候指自己的民众是说my fellow citizens 书面就是Subordinate。

WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? I HAVE NO CHOICE! I HAVEN'T GOT ANY OTHER CHOICE! 这完全看你数「我又能怎样」的口气了。前者是有点绝望的,后面两个是比较愤慨的。 喜欢的话,还请你马上采纳喔!

答:Even if you doesn't like me but I still love you 。I hope we could be together forever.后面是虚拟语气用could

I want / mean to marry myself off to you, even if / even though you have no money. I want / mean to be married off to you in spite of your having no money.

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