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hope you understand your mother

1. Hope you will understand me.2. Beg for your understanding. 3. Please show me your understanding (on the matter).

我是个学生,我有很多事,希望你能体谅我I am a student, I have a lot of things, I hope you can understand me

我想为自己活一次,希望都能体谅!I want to live for themselves once, hope can understand!望采纳!谢谢!

I'm also tired off duty everyday, I hope you canallow for me

to wish for to desire to hope 你是要这些吗?希望能帮到你,呵呵.

Hope(希望) you(你) can(可以) understand(理解) my(我的) feelings(感受).

I hope you can think much of the phenomenon.I hope you can pay attention to the phenomenon.

体谅 [tǐ liàng] (v) empathiz; express sympathy

First of all, please accept my apologies for having done something impolite to you.I apologize also for having intruded to your lecture without permission last Wednesday. I hope you could forgive me. Furthermore I said I liked Japanese songs but

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