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就是【你可以】麽? You can. 这是最简单的【你可以】 You can do i

上文陈述完事件,在末尾加上We are appreciating for your understa

You may rest assured.

你可以告诉我吗?的英文翻译是can you tell me?它的英式读法是[kæn

用英文是You can. 解释: you 英[ju] 美[jə

you can show yourself in the presence of others (

你好! 你可以帮助我一下吗 Can you help me

You can ask me some (一些)questions.其实也可以,没必要那么死板的翻译

I'd like to appreciate your concern and unfail

1. You can call/phone/telephone/ring me. 2. You c

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