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"wAlk somEwhErE "哂囂鍬咎撹嶄猟頁焚担吭房?

低挫 walk somewhere 恠議仇圭


宸哘乎頁John Williams 處蟹議 Candles in the window, shadows painting the ceiling, gazing at the fire glow, feeling that gingerbread feeling. Precious moments, special people, happy faces, I can see. 完岬貧議政幤 委唹徨郡啌崛...

哂囂鍬咎 壓蝶倖扮作壓蝶倖仇圭頁音頁嗤彭蝶倖繁駑厦詼椎劔仇誚杜辧 喘屎鳩哂囂議燕器祥頁: Sometime, somewhere, is there someone, who is thinking of me like I am thinking of her / him? 促貧光了議囂隈脅頁頼畠音宥。 載錬李厘...

音斤。 somewhere頁険簡念中音嬬紗初簡in。 厘断需狛宅 曝艶 音膿距仇泣。 厘断奚将需狛宅 Where shall we meet Have we met somewhere?

Alwasys 填了棒 somewhere 稗朕了亜 脅頁憧咄亞咄響酔匯泣

率匯の暴たちが岑っている魁侭 晩猟 Vetëm ne e dimë se ku 唖櫛式旋冉猟 إلا أننا نعرف أين 唖性荻猟 Yalnız biz bilirik 唖毘維舟猟 Ac...

1. I seem to have met you before, are you local / are you from out of town? 2. I should have seen that girl before, it's just that I couldn't remember her name. 3. You look familiar, I can't recall where I might have met you. 4...

somewhere 壓宸戦頁険簡 燕幣寄埃, 恣嘔. 窃貌噐approxmately, 曳朔宀勣厚貧笥侘麕參笥囂匆械喘.

I don't know/ I am not sure / I am not clear/ I have no idea why "to somewhere" must be added.

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