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(一个人的快乐) (of a person's happiness) 祝你英语学习成功! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 如有疑问请继续追问,望采纳,谢谢,您的采纳是我的力量!

one's own happiness

As long as one has dreams, he will live a happy life.

我给你几条 希望对你有帮助 如果不是很满意 请在线交谈 谢谢 1.把快乐与他人分享,能获得更多的快乐! Joy shared with others are more enjoyed! 2.上帝知道我们都需要有人共同分享快乐的每一天。 God knew that we all need someone to share ...

你好! 我欠你一个开心的儿童节 I owe you a happy children's day .

I am very happy

快乐,那个我很想要却又难以得到的东西 Happiness, that's something I'm dying for but out of reach all along.

I think that this trip will bring some funs to me.

dear dad ,happy birthday to you ,i think i will protect you from hurting after two years .

Be living ,be ordinary, I just wanna to be happy.

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