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Respected one: There learned about from us in your country embassy commercial secretary place that, you are the domestic electric appliances big buyer.We manage this kind of commodity to have many years.Presently took advantage of this

亲爱的主席先生, 回复:毛衣 感谢您对5月8日的询问,我们很高兴向您发送我们为您需要的产品报价如下: 商品:妇女在各类颜色毛衣,项目no.ge - 0756 大小:大(长),中(m),小(拧) 最大出口数量:每色100打 价格:us $每打40.00,cifc 5%釜山 装运:后25天内收到的l /荤 付款方式:由不可撤销的信用证/即期信用证 我们诚意邀请您利用这个优势的吸引力offer.we期待从日本大订单,这将导致价格急剧上升. 我们期待着您的首份订单. ---------- 谢谢,采纳!!!

to whom it may concern,We received your letter/email of 20th December. It said that you guys have plan to distribut our bicycles. We are pleased to know it.We appreciate your efforts in distributing our bicycles. Unfortunately, it's hard to accept your

一、Dear Mr. XXX,Pls refer to our previous email and the 31st clause of our contract, goods should be shipped before 25th May.But, pls pay attention to below truth:We did not receive any infos about shipment of 200 ton rice until now.The delivery

Dear **,I am sorry to tell you that the goods we received are not the same color which we agreed in the contract. we request to replace the goods and ask for a compensation of $1000, which is the loss caused by delayed schedule. please reply asap. **

Dear Sir Thank you for your mail last Friday. I really appreciate your intrest showed in our audio books. As you required, I have attached the specific catalogue of books on tape, which is newly printed. It is well-known that this industry has been

To who it may concern,Thanks for your order on 9/10 of the brown fabric, however, the price had been skyrocketed, so we are afraid that the earlier price is not acceptable anymore. We apologize for this situation, but hope you can understand that

China National Import and Export CorporationShanghai BranchShanghai, ChinaMay 11, 2009Black & White Inc.East London, Zone 3 Fernhall Avenue 556President:Letter noted that after the receipt of your letter, we immediately get in touch with

收到你方10月13日函,获悉你方要我报2005年产大枣60公吨,货运纽约,我十分高兴. 现报价如下,并以你方接受函不迟于2005年10月30日到达我方为条件: 鉴于此地无直达船去纽约,此批货须在香港转船.从香港至纽约所增加的费用已包括在上述报价之内,特此顺告. 谅你已知道,你方所要的这种大枣,近来销路甚好,因此我们报价的有效期不能太长.很明显,不断增长的需要将导致价格的上升,但若我们能及时收到接受函,你方就可能从行市的上涨中得到好处,而一旦错过此价,货定售出难留. 盼早复. 谨上

Thank you for your incoming telegrams , because of what you need being short run products , do not need to post samples. Our factory is that one has the professional production firm of brush of experience for more than 10 years, we guarantee

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