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帮忙写个英语作文 要求是:假如你是李锐,看到报上...

Hello, Mr.My name is LiRui. I want to apply for English teachers. I said I speak English very well, but character, cheerful, like children. Every day I have to practice English, I also really need this job. I believe I can do well, please give me a chance.


Hello, everyone. As we know, Many Iraqis become homeless people because of the war. Some of them are children. They used to be rich but now they lost warm houses and have no enough food to eat. The children have no chance to go to school.

new year is coming . i am going to visit my grandparents with my parents. i go there by train.my grandpa is funny. he is thin.grandma is shorter.i am going to have a big dinner with my family.i am happy.

Peter: How is it going? I recently see a information which says (北京电视台) is You should call me as quickly as you can because we must check in before 30th/June. If

the Reading Room Rules Welcome to the reading room.In order to make a good atmosphere,everyone should follow the rues.1,Always keep quiet,and don't talk loudly.2,Snacks are not allowed here.3,Please don't take the newspapers and

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假设你叫李斌,从报上看到了上海招聘2010年世博会志愿者的广告,根据下面的Dear Sir,My name is Lee Bin.I am _ years old.I am a male who

Reporter WantedOur school broadcasting station needs several little reporters.You must be the students in our school.You must study very well.Especially you must speak very good Putonghua.And you must write articles very well.If you want to be a

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