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汉译汉:你知道吗?把你记在心里是最幸福的,想你想到哭是最美好的.;汉译英:Do you know that the best time is make you to my heart .And the most full time is think you untill to cry.

这句话实际是说:因为歧义而两人永远的错过彼此了.是吧?可以译为:People would miss each other forever due to disagreement.注意:不能仅看字面意思来做汉译英,不是所有的汉语情境都可以确切地用英语表达出来的,因为文化不同.

what makes me worry most is you

TO-Xiao YangThank you, always accompany in my side, because you, my life has been bleak colorful colors; because you are my mind began to bloom the first duo winter winter jasmine; because you are here today is your birthday, to you for me

i'm with you. forever.

1, my mother has come to the Qingdao. I intend to tomorrow. 2, I have to wipe clean the cabinets. Yesterday, I also had once again rubbing. 3, since we last summer is a good friend. 4, I learned English in four years. Every Saturday I have English lessons. I love the English.

in fact,you didn't understand me, in fact ,i still love you,but some love can not put out ,so i choose to escape , though can't give up ,i am willing to try

In one world there's only you, and in another one there's no you,.Make the largest difference of the two, it is your meaning of all your life.

1.In the evening ,many people will fileworks at the square,it very beautful! 2.Many people like watch Spring Festival Gala Evening,and chat with families. 2.Many people like watch Spring Festival Gala Evening,and chat with families.

1. At the midnight of the New Year's Eve, people go to bed after they celebrate the coming of the New Year. 2. Students are busy getting ready for the exam. 3. On May 5th of lunar calendar, people have zongzi to commemorate Qu Yuan. 4. Beijing is the capital of China. (某一天要用on)

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