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First, everything has its advantages. Rene jungle shorts without proper white, he began to feel disappointed and upset. I want to complain that it's not necessary, jungle shorts are funny, smart. If you want something, you will be sorry if you can't get it.


A Day in the ParkOne day, mum and dad took me to the park. The sky was blue. The sun was warm.We had a skipping race. I won. We had a ball race. Dad won. I saw a little squirrel. It climbed up a tree. I saw another squirrel. It was very cute. It was


There are many festivals in a year, I love Children's day, because on that day, I can have many candies from school. In the school, i will play many games, there will be no class on Children's day, ev


澳大利亚探险 Australian英音:[:s'treiljn]美音:['streljn]词典解释Australian名词 n.1. 澳大利亚人;澳大利亚居民 adventure英音:[d'vent]美音:[d'vnt]词典解释adventure名词 n.1. 冒险,冒险精神[U]2. 冒险活动(或经历)[C]3. 激动人心的活动(或经历)[C]

Yesterday, it was sunny, but when it was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sky turned to black. There were many dark clouds and it started to blow. After a little while, it began to thunder and lightening appeared. I was frightened. It seemed that the

英文:5a In the Garden中文:5A在花园里望采纳!!!!1

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