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翻译下面几个词 英文

Soft skin Teen model Teenager/ Kid

氨纶 spandex 人造丝 rayon 包芯丝 cover yarn 断染丝 space dye yarn 涤纶 polyester 金丝: gold lurex 银丝: silver lurex

1.蓝面包 blue bread 2.增长见闻 increase the knowledge 3.创造奇迹 create miracle 4.意犹未尽 feels not satisfied 5.茶饭不思 don't feel like eating or drinking 6.信仰佛教 believe in Buddhism 7.至死不逾 until death do us apart

1,sit down please 2, stop 3, good morning, teacher 4, good afternoon, teacher 5, good night, teacher 6, good morning, students 7, very good

project image,Office environment,project activity, Construction protection,Living Standards and Environment

公司简介 Company Profile 形象代言 spokesperson 品牌创意(Brand Creative) 活动策划Activity Planning/ Event Planner 影音制品的传播和制作transmission and production of video product 推广与传播 popularization and transmission

:Service Item :The company announcement :De Yi modeling :Star performers :Industry news 希望能给你帮助,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

1.西游记 Journey to the West 2.社会实践 Social practice 3.欢迎前来观赛 We welcome you to watch the game. 4.祝您工作愉快 Wishes you to work happily.

1.to improve; to better; to mend; to reform; to modify; to ameliorate; to pick up 2.improvement; modification; reform; reformation

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