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go on struggling/striving/fighting 很高兴为你解答! 老师祝你学习进步! 请及时采纳哦!多谢你的问题!^_^

楼主其实是想说:为了我的梦想,我要努力,我要奋斗。是不? 想象电影里主角的坚定语气,说出来便是: I'll try my best and I’ll just fight, for my dream!

英文:Struggle for the college entrance examination. struggle for的相关短语如下: struggle for 为…争斗 Struggle for money 为钱奋斗 ; 斗争的钱 ; 钱的斗争 ; 场钱 struggle for Being 为实有而奋斗 Struggle for Leader 第一把交椅 The ...

你好,解答如下 为梦想而奋斗 用的比较多的是 【fight for the dream】 【例子】 We are fighting for the dream. 我们正为梦想而奋斗。 当然如果有提到某人的梦想,也可以是【 Fight for one's dream】 希望有所帮助

the Globe Inn in Burnstow,and was taken to his room with the two beds, of which we have heard.He unpacked his things and arranged his books and papers very tidily

一步一步step by step try one‘s best to do sth step by step Eg.我正在努力朝着我的梦想;一步一步前进. I am trying my best to achieve my dream step by step.

stuggle for dream 例:This flame meant "struggle for victory"这火焰象征着“为胜利而奋斗”。 stive for dream 例:strive for the four modernizations为实现四化而斗争 希望帮到你哟~

struggle hard 英[ˈstrʌɡl hɑrd]   美[ˈstrʌɡəl hɑː(r)d] 详细释义 go all out in workcombat (withagainst)

Go ahead for you dream.

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