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Thank God's arrangement for letting me meet yo

Thank God for meeting you. 斑厘囑需低嶄議^斑 ̄音喘鍬咎竃栖杏音隼湊棒医


I am grateful to God for granting you as my sister

^湖仍貧吸 ̄議哂囂鍬咎Thank God ^湖仍貧吸 ̄議晩猟鍬咎塞颪妨佩擦靴泙 ^湖仍貧吸 ̄議

湖仍貧吸 Thank GoodnessThank HeavensThank GodGot

Thank god for letting me know you.

低挫! 湖仍貧吸翰公厘胆挫議匯爺 Thank God for a wonderful day

I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable

I'am wandering in the world There is a stray

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