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I. 1-5 CABAB II. 1. closed 2. easily 3. wash 4. to call 5. yourself III. 1. ring ,up 2. right now 3. left him a message 4. to call me back 5.forgetto close IV. 1. speak 2. message 3. This 4. have 5. leave 6.give 7. comes 8. Bye

最可宝贵的就是今天,最易丧失的也是今天 多花时间思考问题,直接抄袭答案会让自己 损失很宝贵的思考时间的 满意采纳奥 有疑问请追问~


一、ACCDBCBDCDA。 二 1. Cheese. 2. They taste sweet. 3. The girl. 4. It’s for the cake. 5. Three. 三、 1. smells so delicious 2. Have a try 3. What are these 4. Would you like to 5. I’ m making an apple pie 四、 1.Would you lik...

优化方案 [词典] [计] prioritization scheme; [例句]通过试验对其他参数进行了优化标定,确定了优化方案。 Through tests, other parameters are optimized and calibrated, and the optimization program is determined.

CDDCBBDBBABDDA 二 1 Did ,learn 2 were 3 cook 4 doesn't like 5 ate 6 didn't teach , taught 7 dancing 8 drink 9 wearing 10 watch , read 11 will visit 12 go 13 bought 14 eat , ate 注意时间状语与人称,根据它来决定时态三 1 broken 坏...

I'm wangNan,a student of No.1 Middle School. I have a gooa friend,Jim.He' an USA girl.We are both in Class Two,Grade Eight.She is 15 years old,one year older than me. We both study hard.I'm good at physices,but she's good at ma...

http://www.1010jiajiao.com/daan/bookid_29104.html 如果版本不同,请自行搜索(搜索练习册) 如果帮助了你,请及时点击【采纳为满意回答】按钮

I.1~5 CBBCB 6~10 BCCCB II.1.to learn 2.really 3.to watch 4.healthy 5.pronunciation 6.musicians 7.were 8.used 9.preferred 10.has been III.1.home to 2.what else 3.stay away 4.head of 5.interstted in IV.1.doesn't need 2.where woul...

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