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cure; mend; recurred; healing 短语和例子 用针刺疗法治愈疾病 effect a cure by acupuncture treatment; 时光的流逝治愈了他的悲哀。 time cured him of his grief 可治愈 curability 治愈,治疗 cure of 治愈草 rose root. 治愈的 curative; h...

1.to treat; to cure; to remedy 2.therapy; treatment; remedy

治疗 [zhì liáo] treat ; cure ; remedy ; doctor ; help 例句, 1. If untreated, the gums recede, become swollen and bleed. 如果不进行治疗,牙龈会开始萎缩、红肿和出血。 2. They have been treated with this drug in clinical tria...

the treatment of medicine; medical treatment; drug/medical therapy药(物)的治疗 We are beginning to have some insight into drug therapy. 我们开始对药物治疗有了一些深入了解。 Adjuvant medical therapy with albendazole was admini...

疗程 [词典] course [period] of treatment; [例句]你的医生可能会开一个疗程的抗生素。 Your doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics. 治疗时间 [词典] [医] time of therapy; [例句]目的对超过溶栓治疗时间窗的病人,作静脉溶栓疗效和...

cure;treat;remedy 治疗 Treatment,therapy,cure 请问是否有具体的句子呢?

persisted treatment; continuing treatment; persist in the treatment; persistent treatment; adhere to treatment

treat 动词 治疗 treatment 名词 治疗

治疗各种疾病 Treatment of various diseases 治疗各种疾病 Treatment of various diseases

cancer treatment

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