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恨你以至于我想杀了你 翻译英文 不要网上的直译

顶级着装顾问培养专家 top level expert of dressing consultant training 或 top level dressing consultant training expert (比以上的没那么顺耳) 着装 也可以用 attire 顾问 也可以用 advisor 如果答案对亲有所帮助请采纳予以鼓励! 如果有疑...

万箭穿心ten thousand arrows penetrate the heart scores of arrows pierce the chest 这两种说法都可以 习惯就好 Just try to get use to it. It's just a matter of getting used to it.也都可以 希望能帮到你:)

Dear Sir, Please confirm a delivery date for my purchase order. I have issued the purchase order 4 days ago and till now, I have not even received a confirmation from you and your company. I hope you can give me a reply after y...

没有一个梦想是太小的,也没有一个是太大的(梦想不分大小) 随意的实行一些既美丽又无意的爱的举动 快乐不能给于而需要交换 真相不怕被质疑 敢于成为明智的人 笑

time changed! time flies! things changed! its different now!

Barcelona is of the typical Mediterranean climate which is warm, yearly sunshine, and with blooming flowers. It has large rainfalls In winters and early months of springs, but has few snows; its tempreture is seldom below zero ...

Love is never enough, effort will always be required for a healthy relationship. 只有爱是永远不够的,良好的关系需要付出努力。 翻译的我都把自己感动了...

This makes me want to dance at once.

we must be strong, because we cannot refuse it.

Abstract Education is a small educational activities organized in a manner that students in smaller classes, education and teaching activities are organized. Emphasize education in small classes allow each student adequate educ...

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