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烤鱼那里唱的是rolling in the deep,在车上和芸京唱的是I beleve I can fly

是《just the way you are》 歌词 Oh her eyes, her eyes哦,她的眼睛 Make the stars look like they're not shining让星星看起来失去光泽 Her hair, her hair她的头发,她的头发 Falls perfectly without her trying不须整理完美般的垂落 She'...



I believe I can fly

Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 Just you shoot for the stars If it feels right And in for my heart If you feel like Can take me away And make it okay I swear i'll behave You wanted control Sure we waited I put on a show Now I make i...

车上默契的唱了I believe I can fly 后来街头卖唱是just the way you are 很好听的

她唱的是《Rolling in the Deep》的第一句 There's a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark 由英国女歌手阿黛尔·阿德金斯演唱的一首流行灵魂歌曲,歌曲的歌词和简谱由阿黛尔和保罗·伊普沃斯合作...

1, Rolling In The Deep 2敢爱 3新的心跳

都不对! 是I. believe I can fly 你可以去试听

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