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S01E10 - UNKLE - When Things Explode,请关注疑犯追踪吧

《When Things Explode》歌手:UNKLEYour skull-fucked little livesIn shadows where you hideA life that was designedYou've been cheated oh so blindYou laid it on the lineThese twisted words of timeAnd how your spirit shinesI wish that you were


第一集Angel by Massive Attack The Truth (feat. Roisin & J-Live) by Handsome Boy Modeling School 第二集The Truth by Roisin Murphy The Truth (feat. Roisin & J-Live) by Handsome Boy Modeling School 第三集Live With Me by Massive Attack I'

片尾为Nina Simone-Ne me quitte pas 插曲为UNKLE-Burn my shadow 望采纳!!!

美剧《疑犯追踪》(Person of Interest)S05E10片尾曲是:Nine Inch Nails - The Day the World Went Away

Hurt------Johnny Cash Miami Showdown----------Digitalism Colour in Your Hands-------------D.L.I.D feat. Fink

Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter


Down boy - Yeah Yeah Yeahs ,超好听的~

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