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You don't have to say sorry to me, I as long as the money, I also want to pay to the factory!

不用谢,这是我应该做的英文翻译是 You're welcome. This is what I should do. 重点词汇 you're welcome 不用客气 扩展例句1、You're welcome. I'm glad we're finally finished. 不客气,很高兴我们总算完成了。 2、You're welcome. I wish I ...

You don't have to worry

Use typing instead of voicing, please!

hm..i'm so sorry , i dont know much about this.

thanks for your accompanying for such a long time. actually i can understand even you don't say anything. sorry for my excuse.

你好! 不用麻烦了 Don't bother.

I do not see hide, because you do not write it into my eyes

It doe not matter how nice you are, but how much I love you; I am not the best guy for you, only wish you would not mind. 供参考。

In fact you needless to say, I also understand, thank you to accompany me for so long

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