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You don't have to say sorry because my English is not that good.

我在有道词典上给你找的, You don't have to and I said I'm sorry, I as long as the payment for goods, I also want to pay factory 忘采纳!

我的英语不好,如果说错话,请不要介意。我一直都会很尊敬你。请问可以告诉我你其它的联系方式吗?比如电子邮箱或QQ。 Please don't mind if I say something wrong because of my poor English.I am always respecting you,and would you pleas...

Don' say sorry to me again. I can't stand it. 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

大意: I am so sorry but I can't tell you about this. Because I can't betray my friend, 英文中喜欢用 betray 背叛来形容伤害朋友,因为成为朋友意味着要互相信任了

thanks for your accompanying for such a long time. actually i can understand even you don't say anything. sorry for my excuse.

对不起在这方面我不是很了解. 翻译为:Sorry I not very understanding in this respect. 若还有疑问就在线讯问咯, 望采纳,!

In fact you needless to say, I also understand, thank you to accompany me for so long

You are not the one i want,so the only word i can say is sorry,and i will not accept you even without payment.

你好! 扣分 Deducted points

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