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1 went past 2 even 3And maybe you can not love life, but not life without friendship

Our customer doesn't accept the color-box with so obvious color-difference. Please re-adjust the color and print the sample according to the color-paper sent by Vivian to yo

people all have dreams that, one day, they will stand out and be distinguished from others; however, to be someone, we should be of a few qualities. first of all, we have to set decent goals that guides us toward right directions. moreover, since

1、我是一个不能让观众笑的小丑I am a can not let the audience laugh clown.2、我是一个不被观众取笑的小丑 I am a not to be the audience laughed at the clown.

I can't forget about you. I think I've fallen in love with you. Although I know it's impossible I still want to have a try. I know you love me in the same way, don't hide your true feeling anymore

1. Forecasting earthquakes 2. Imitate the nose of a dog sniffed the production function of "electronic dogs" and "electronic nose" 3. Enthusiasm, to urge the Centre for the owner to get up on time running on time 4. Bangzhu night embolden

Since our company's location is special,and there is not enough space to build the gym stadium,so, a lot of sports activities can't be held.

just是仅仅的意思.仅仅四条铁路. well 在这里就是修饰control 表示 妥妥地..类似的意思.freight moved就是货运量的意思.

I am very happy to meet you I like classic music but I don't understand it very well! I haven't knowledge about music! so I am searching a person to be my music teacher! 我没用翻译器 因为它们一般都翻译错的 我也没有字对字的翻译 不过意思还是那个

forehead n.前额dwell v.居住(在)caterpillar n.毛毛虫a forehead-dwelling caterpillar,这是现在分词作形容词,forehead dwelling = dwell forehead 居住在前额上的,修饰名词caterpillar意思是:一条爬在前额上的毛

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