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41–45 ACCDC 46–50 DCDAD 51–55 ACBDA 56–60 BDDAB 满意望采纳谢谢。

第一行 see改为saw 第二行 which改为who 第三行 That改为It;happliy改为happy 第五行 去掉第一个the;place改为places 第六行 surprising改为surprised 第九行 bought改为buy;spend改为spending; 第十行 come前面加to

1.have 2.are 3.take 4.is 5.don't watch 6.doesn't do 7.Do;like 8.Do;do 9.Do;read 10.teaches 二1.doesn't watch 2.Do do your don't 3.Does like doesn't 4.comes from 5.Does like doesn't 6.doesn't speak 三1.doesn't改成don't 2.work改...


in surprise, surprisingly in silence , silently in secret, secretly in relief, to one’s relief

1 it's time for morning exercises 2 are you ready 3 sound off 4 don't push the other children 5 stand in two rows 6 please exchange your shoes 7 take your time ,no hurry 8 let's play a game 9 please take off your coat . 10 are ...

Books will be only on computers in the future people will live to be 200 years old The won’t be any paper money in 100 year


你好很高兴回答你的问题 1. He left the city, determination never to last come back. 2. What he said was very persuasive and at last we all accepted his idea. 3. Yesterday he recording this song by Liu Huan, using his tape record...

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