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I have got your mail. We will enquire some travel agencies to see if they have a route that go by your home. If so, we may pay you a visit in the US in August. If not, we may go to Korea or some other places for holiday. It's so very hot here in Shanghai right now. BTW, my parents are very well. Thanks for asking!

I do not Caifu Zhi, but I have Baidu money, but I do not know how to Baidu currency convertible into Caifu Zhi. Some help if I can give him gifts or something. (With the wealth of currency)Phase than Obama with the Bush administration have

As society advances in the science and technology increasingly powerful, all sectors has also continued to develop, and some industries have been gradually phased out, replace it is the competitiveness and viability of the industry stronger. New

Hello, I am the general manager of xxx, I am pleased to recommend Mr. xxx, xxx from February 2007, Mr. to December 2008 in the enterprises, the monthly salary of xxx dollars, during which he, as Seller, to its serious and responsible work attitude,


Methylal is a significant natural gas and coal chemical derivatives, is an environmentally friendly organic solvents, detergents, paints, diesel modified additives and other fields are widely used. Preparation of catalytic distillation process methylal not

父母不仅在生活上是良师益友,在工作上也能体现出来.父母给予的鼓励和关爱,对我在工作上有很大的帮助,就算遇到再多的困难,我也能迎刃而解.Parents not only in life are good teachers and helpful friends, work can also manifest. Parents give encouragement and love, to me in the work of great help, even if the encounter more difficulties, I can be smoothly done or easily solved.

客串 [kè chuàn] 基本翻译 be a guest actor

Bank to notify you of this deposit exchange earnings today , we have returned to you with the bank , because a few days , you will receive the money , this thing was very sorry , we will study in this product better Contact talk to you when

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