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箔鍬咎! "匯俳脅油低議"奕担傍 (哂猟)

Anything you say. Anything follows you, It's up to you 才you rules賜宀Depend on you議吭房祥頁^昧宴低 ̄喇低陽 祥頁宸嶽湖状^低畳協 ̄函畳噐低析寄 祥頁宸倖吭房 凪糞厘状誼寄社傍議脅斤。

You are my everything and I'll do anything you want me to do.

I grew up listening your songs, and I listen to them every day. OR I listened to your songs grow up, and I listen to them every day.

低挫載互佶壓宸戦指基低議諒籾 . It sounds that you speak English well.

In my mind there is a gap between us , no matter how many efforts I make, my call cannot pass through it.

Are you listening to me

Those who have heard of my name would say to me "How strange your name sounds!"

Why am I to say you don't listen to you, if you don't want to hear you said earlier, I wouldn't go to tube you.李寡追仍仍

秤三頁厘貝議徽詼妓低油頁寔議 The love words are copied, but it's real that I want to say to you.


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