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求翻译! "一切都听你的"怎么说 (英文)

Anything you say. Anything follows you, It's up to you 和you rules或者Depend on you的意思就是“随便你”(由你哇 就是这种感觉),“你决定”(取决于你,老大 就是这个意思) 其实我觉得大家说的都对。

You are my everything and I'll do anything you want me to do.

I grew up listening your songs, and I listen to them every day. OR I listened to your songs grow up, and I listen to them every day.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . It sounds that you speak English well.

《hold tight》 Hold tight, count to three, Gotta stay close by me And hold tight, sing and shout Just ride my round-about And hold tight, shut your eyes, girl, You suit me for size. Forget the other guys. You\\'ll never fall ea...

Are you listening to me

In my mind there is a gap between us , no matter how many efforts I make, my call cannot pass through it.

I don't understand what you said 你和老外交谈?好羡慕。 你其实可以去网上搜翻译器,这样你就可以和他交流啦。呵呵。我给你翻译的网站 http://www.zaixian-fanyi.com/

This my cover of the song, hope you will listen to it. The lyrics are what I want to say to you, maybe~ . I miss you .

You said most do not understand English I

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