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我会时常提醒自己,我的座右铭是“学习的敌人是自己的满足”和“水滴石穿,绳锯木断”。 (你的第一个座右铭应该是“Complacency is the enemy of study”)

1,However, three days later a letter arrived, asking me to go for an interview.然而,三天后我收到一邀请我去面试封信 2,The walls were dirty with ink marks.四壁都沾满了墨水的污迹 3,She's the one who really runs this school.她...

A magic race A valiant team A magic ring When the dark when trying to engulf the bright Who will save the fate of humanity? This is a shock to many people in the film, which is my favorite film - "THE LORD OF THE RINGS". 300 mi...

The rain is so heavy that we have to stay at home. I am allowed to go out at the night by my parents. 4.I often see he goes to the library. She often be encouraged to learn English hard by her mother.

1.What kind of terrain-based of China? plain. Mountain. hilly or plateaus ? 2.which province followed not belong to the range of Western Development ? 3.Which country does China second to in the area ? 4.Which year does China j...

tks for your help 意思是:谢谢你的帮助 tks应该是:thanks; thank you; thank ;谢谢的意思

第一个: 事实上,他放弃了共和国,而他的名字一被提到,地主议员们的怒吼便淹没了整个凡尔赛宫。 最后一个: 众所周知,在1848年6月的一天,由于巴黎大主教遇刺,“人类的秩序”是怎样通过愤怒的呼喊来反对叛乱分子来震动整个欧洲的。

好矛盾呀... I am afraid I am rather passive. If I approach you pro-actively, it is because you are very important for me. If I shy away from you, it is not because you are not important, but that I don't know how important I am...

你好,下面是我的翻译,希望这个译文对你有参考价值。 在巴瑟斯特我曾寻求冈比亚政府的帮助。听完我的的故事,他们说Kin-tay这个名字可能包含一些线索。 他们解释说:“在我国,许多历史悠久的村庄,是用几世纪前建立那些村庄的家庭的名字命名的”...

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