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什么英文歌一到高潮就唱with you

《the best day》i have the best day,with you,today

Wish You Were Here 中英字幕-- Avril Lavigne 应该是这个吧 太难猜了

'm coming homeI'm coming homeTell the World I'm coming homeLet the rain wash away all the pain of yesterdayI know my kingdom awaits and they've forgiven my mistakesI'm coming home, I'm coming homeTell the World that I'm comingBack

with you ---chris brown 的

I'm With You------Avril Lavigne

Christmas in my heart. 高潮部分歌词是 It's Christmas in my heart .with I ,with you


可能是潘玮柏的 be with you

Taylor Swift-you belong with me [ti:You Belong with Me] [ar:Taylor Swift] [al:Fearless] [by:李泽昊] [00:00.00]Taylor Swift - You Belong with Me [00:02.00]LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang [00:04.00]@ www.Feiyes.net @ [00:06.00] [00:07.15]You're

【You Belong With Me】听听是不是?歌词:You're on the phone with your girlfriend ,she's upset.你正和女朋友聊电话 她不开心She's going off about something that you said她因为你说的某些话而不高兴'Cuz she doesn't, get your humor like I do

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