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《My Love》-Westlife 《As Long As You Love Me》-后街男孩 《Take Me To Your Heart》 《you are not alone》 《THE one》--Westlife Yesterday once more 昨日重现 - 卡朋特 .I swear 我发誓 - 四合为一 Nomatter 无论如何 - 男孩地带 I beli...

what are words 这首歌当时好红呢~~很好听 can you feel the love tonight 老歌了~~不过还是经典挨·· fireflies owl city的~~蛮有意思的一首歌~~~ they don't know about us 最近很喜欢的一个乐队 one direction的歌~~伦敦奥运开幕式有他们哦~~...

简单好唱 哈哈 那就甲壳虫的hey jude吧 歌词只有那么几句 哈哈

都是男的,都不是很快,其中有几首很好唱 R.Kelly-I believe I can fly Richard Marx-right here waiting for you Brian McKnight-Back At One Westlife-my love Timbaland ft.One Republic-Apologize Elton John-Can you feel the love tonight...

Hey Jude - 甲壳虫 I Believe I Can Fly - R. Kelly Hero - Enrique Iglesias Back At One - Brian McKnight when you say nothing at all - Alison Krauss

1.sons of day的oceans deep. 慢歌,抒情,音调不高,如果你会吉他就更加perfect 2.green day的wake me up when september ends. 一首经典的反战歌,同样很好唱,加上吉他效果更好. 3. coldplay的yellow. 经典之作,酷玩成名曲,享誉一时. 4.同...

暴力 Simple Plan - Your Love Is A Lie Linkin Park - What I've done Linkin Park - Numb Linkin Park - In the End Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest Linkin Park - Faint Linkin Park - New Divide 温情 Backstreet Boys - As Long As ...

Sugar Rush What makes you Beautiful Good Time Time for Miracles Trespassing Coldest Winter Marry you Coma The Saltwater Room 都挺好听的,歌词也不是太难、

Jason Chen 的Just A Dream Bruno Mars 的Just The Way You Are Darin Zanyar 的Can't Stop Love 这三首都好听,且符合你的要求,学好了,把妹不是问题

free loop counting stars hall of fame good time moves like jagger crush because of you Ne-yo kelly 的都可以 as long as you love me you raise me up just the way you are marry you count on me the monster

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