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我很感激父母给了我生命 用英文怎么说

It is my mother that gives me life and all her love. (以it开始的强调句中不用who。)

这个翻译可以翻译成两个句子,或者用and连接成一个句子。 They gave birth to us and raised us up ~~或者They gave birth to us. They raised us up. 或者是They gave us life and raised us up~或者They gave us life. They raisd us up.

感谢爸爸妈妈给予我生命 Надад амьдрал өгч байгаад аав ээж хоёртоо баярлалаа

我觉得Thank you for bringing me to this world 好点。你的也没错,就是the改成my吧,thanks 改成thank you好一点,一般英文里越长越正式。

Happy birthday to dear me! Thang you for giving me life, my mom!

Thank you, my parents, thank you for giving me a life! gratitude! Thanksgiving:是感恩节, 也可以用 feel grateful.

Parents give us life, nature gives us a better world, the world also because of the existence of life and more exciting, cherish life is the eternal topic of production safety. "Life is precious, security is more important", th...

أشكر والدي أعطاني الحياة

Thanks my mother for giving me my life on the same day twenty years ago! I also wish myself a happy birthday and longlasting joy and happiness! 祝你开心如意!

1, Thank you for giving me my life. 2, Thank you for giving life to me. 求采纳

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