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为您解答 的确是一样的,主要根据上下文区别,说话都是有语境的。 另外,如果非要区分,可以加一个go Why can't I go to see him?

什么都看不见,但是我知道他就在那了 I could see nothing, but I could felt him there. 欢迎追问!!

How can I can't see the dynamic your circle of friends Isn't it blocked me

I was (really/truly/so 来强调)hungry when I look at it, but I cannot get/eat it(这里可以加anyway 这样强调的词。. 这里用过去式是因对别人为你在述说过去的体验。如有问题请追问 望采纳。

Every day in the form of looking for you, because you can't see me really uncomfortable.

翻译:really like your appearance, see you I'll not happy 如果满意 望采纳

你好! 我正在找我的连衣裙.他找不到了. I'm looking for my dress. He can't find it.

i think he's under 70 (years old). i think he is no more than 70.

你好! 我真希望除了想你还可以其它的事情做,但是我找不到 I really hope that in addition to think you can also do other things, but I can't find it . 希望对你有所帮助!

Why Is Portsmouth Called Pompey? 究其原因,昵称,目前尚不得而知。即使是那些出生在朴次茅斯无法知道为什么自己的位置被称为庞培。有不同的神话和对朴茨茅斯是如何得到它的绰号理论。一些神话来自对朴茨茅斯足球队伍的故事。这在他们的时间被...

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