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Hope that these comments would be helpful to you hope these advice are good for you这个不地道 而且advice不可数啊

l hope this suggestions can help you a lot, which is useful to me to tell you

hope my suggestion is helpful

i hope my advice will be of some help to you

i wish i were you. 虚拟语气

I hope these suggestions can help you learn English.希望对你有帮助O(∩_∩)O

我希望这些建议对他们有帮助 I wish these proposals can be useful to them.

I hope my advice can give you a hand.

I hope this suggestion will be helpful for you.I hope this suggestion will help you.

可以,但是可能不够好可以翻译成Though with a limited English level,I still hope to solve the problem in English on my own 更简洁

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