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“快递发出后,可以把快递单号给我吗,这样我可以跟踪快递信息,以防快递丢失”—— 帮我用英文翻译下这段话,感激不尽 Once the express delivery has been dispatched, would you mind letting me have its delivery reference number? This way, ...

pour something out. confide

I can neither soar into your world nor warm your vision

“这就是我的自我介绍,谢谢大家“英文翻译是: This's my self-introduction, thank you all the same! 英语自我介绍的结尾还可以写为: That's a little about myself. 这是有关于我的一点介绍。 That‘s something about myself. I hope you can...

Here is all my speech.Thank you very much


翻译为 稀土金属 rare earth metals 又称稀土元素,稀有地球金属是个什么鬼呢? essential n. 本质;要素;要点;必需品 adj. 基本的;必要的;本质的;精华的 essential for manufacturing cellphones, wind turbines and electric cars 翻译为...

Good morning, I want to check if my parcel had been signed for, and please tell me when it was signed if it had been signed after recieving. Maybe it was signed by one of my colleagues, but as the recipient, I haven't recieve i...

1,用汉语拼音翻译的地名,通常是一个词要连起来拼写,两个字之间不空格。比如,Beijing, Chengdu, Sanmenxia… 2,地名、单位等专业名词,首字母要大些,不管是几个字母组成。 3,地道的英文很少把把所有名词堆在一起构成一个名称,合理使用介词...


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