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一道初中英语题: WhAt timE is it? It's___Eight ...

about/around 大约

C 7:50

对 早上八点

It's eight thirty。现在是八点三十 这句话回答的是时间,所以问题当然是问时间,即: What time is it? 现在几点? 希望能帮到你,望采纳!

what is time 时间是什么 what time is it 现在几点

What time is it ? 或 What 's the time ?

it's(ten to eight)now.对打括号的部分提问 What time is it now ?

1.Lily was so ___looking at the picture that she forgot the time. A,carefully B,careful C,busily D,busy 答案:B 2.Putting paper cuts on the windows ______ good luck. A.means B.meaning c.to mean D.mean 答案A 3.Look!Tony is wearin...

what is the time? what time is it? what time?


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