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Food is the first thing that human need to survive and develop, but also one of the forms for social life. However, in different cultural background ,it has different notion and tradition of diet , so form the different diet culture .Because of the features of

"Christmas Eve that day I have had a fever because of the cold,the

Perhaps is the love, lingers in my heart; Wants to hide the sinc

Of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949, the capital Beijing. China has 9.6 million square kilometers, more than 13 million people. China has 23 provinces, 56 nationalities. Chinese traditional festival is Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn

Mrs Li lives alone and feels lonely from time to time.So,Yingying goes to keep her company every Sunday.She does laundry and besides,cooks meal for her.Apart from these,Yingying also chats with Granny Li in order not to make her feel lonely.

The relic contributes presentation copy xx woman XX has used its collection the wheelchair, old man the happy two relic donation gives voluntarily xxx. XXX will collect this thing and extends the sincere gratitude to XX woman. Donates the human donee

and remember this:there is not a cure-all for all of you. 记住:没有一个绝对的方法对所有人都有用. one shortcut may work for some you,and another probably has a positive effect on others. 一个适合你的捷径,对其他人也许只有一个积极的影响. only one method works for everybody---and that is---to use english! 只有一个方法对大家都有用-就是-用英语


Yesterday I went to zoo,I was most imperssed by this green dot is a long snake,put your body into a circle drive.Walk around the zoo,I am most excited to see the gray bear climb a tree, looking very smart monkeys chasing each other,they live in

The registration for CET-4 is coming to an end, and I can no longer get in. The only thing I can do for now is to register for CET-3 instead. If I pass the exam, then I'll take CET-4 next semester; otherwise, I'll just have to repeat level 3 all over again till I

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