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一个月的房租是多少? 英文翻译:How much is the rent for a month? 重点词汇释义: How much:多少,什么价钱,到什么程度 rent:租金; 地租; 分裂,分歧; 裂缝; 出租; 付地租; “rend”的过去式和过去分词; 租借; 撕碎的; 分裂的 month:月,月...

The rent(for a huose) is 500 yuan a /every month,i think it is very cheap.

你好 词典 How much is the rent 例句: 这间的房租多少钱? How much is the rent for this?

How much is the rent for a month What is the charge for rent? How about the rental fee?

Rent 这个词除了当动词"出租"外,也可当名词"租金"解释。所以当你想询间对方"租金是多少"时,可以说:"How much is the rent?" 或是 "How much is it per month?" (每个月多少钱啊?)

每个月的什么时候交房租-What's the due date for rent payment each month? 最低每个月交多少房租-What's the lowest rent I should pay each month? 我可以延迟两天交房租吗-May I have two days delay for rent payment this month?

I am a student studying abroad, and now want to rent a House.Everything in it and rent $ 450 per month, the first day of each month.

charge rent charge 有收费的意思。房租就直接是rent 租金就行了。 collect是收集的意思。不是收取费用的意思。 希望我的答案能够给你帮助

The rent of this estate: RMB 8000 per month,that is 263yuan per day. 望采纳

rent 1 / rent; rɛnt/ n [U, C] regular payment made for the use of land, premises, a telephone, machinery, etc; sum paid in this way 租金; 地租; 房租; (电话、 机器等的)租赁费: owe three weeks' rent/be three weeks behind w...

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