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一首英文歌,有一句who you gonnA CAll一直重复歌名翻译过来应该是 如果你想知道

是不是Ghostbusters里的歌? 2016年有个新的ghostbusters的电影,可以search "Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)",有很多歌都是“Who you gonna call”

歌曲是《creepin up on you》 Darren Hayes或者Savage Garden 2个歌手/组合都唱过

应该是Eminem Rihanna 唱的 .歌名是:Love the way you lie你说的那句是不是打算看我自焚,在歌词里应该是:just gonna stand there and watch me burn不过,我认为翻译为:你就隔案观火好了 比较好

hall of fame 歌手:the script yeah, you could be the greatestyou can be the bestyou can be the king kong banging on your chestyou could beat the worldyou could beat the waryou could talk to god, go banging on his dooryou can throw your hands

歌名:i wanna be like you歌手: rick cua作词:rick cua作曲:rick cua所属专辑:《koo -ah》发行时间:2007年歌词:now i'm the king of the swingers,ohthe jungle vipi've reached the top and had to stopand that's what's botherin' mei wanna be a

应该是cry on my shoulder

生命不待life won't waitsimple plan - when i' m gone歌手歌名i look around mebut all i seem to seeits people going nowhereexpecting sympathyit' s like we' re going through the emotionsof the scripted destinytell me where' s our inspirationif life won'

if i aint got youalicia keysome people live for the fortunesome people live for just for the famesome people live for the power(yeah)some people live just to play the gamesome people think that the physical things definewhat's within and i bet that

Natasha Bedingfield----《Freckles》I used to care so much about what others think aboutAlmost didn't have a thought of my ownThe slightest remark would make me embarkOn the journey of self doubtBut that was a while agoThis girl has got

backstreet boys-anywhere for you.mp3 i'd go anywhere for you anywhere you asked me to i'd do anything for you anything you want me to i'd walk halfway around the world for just one kiss from you far beyond the call of love the sun the stars the moon

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