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英文 保全定期

maintenance room

保全岗:Aftersales Division Duties and responsibilities: 1 Revision management of customer information; 2.Renewal notice and management 3 policy management,provide technical solutions to policy renewal problems,operation statis...

保全 [词典] save from damage; assure the safe of; maintain; keep in good repair; [例句]众所周知政府中的要员都很会保全自己的利益。 It's always been known that key figures in the government do very well for themselves.

申请财产保全,用英语是:application for court preservation of properties。 申请法院强制执行,用英语是:application for court enforcement。 详细解释: application 英[ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃn] 美[ˌæpl&#...

Property Preservation disposal of state-owned property 国有资产处置 delimitation of state-owned property 国有资产产权界定 assessment of state-owned property 国有资产评估 state-owned property management 国有资产管理

security guard

申请财产保全和申请法院强制执行_有道翻译 翻译结果: Apply for property preservation and apply for court for compulsory execution execution_有道词典 execution 英 [,eksɪ'kjuːʃ(ə)n] 美 [,ɛksɪ'kjuʃ...

财产保全Property Preservation 诉讼保全Litigation Preservation


Renewal fee, the preservation of financial services, consulting, the change of silver, MLL services

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