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indirect adj.间接的;迂回的;次要的;不坦率的


陈述句的间接引语——连接词用that,在口语中可省略。引述动词用said, told等 疑问句的间接引语。一般疑问句后连接词用if或whether,而引述选择疑问句时只能用whether,引述动词用asked,没有间接引语的可以加一个间接宾语me, him等 祈使句的间接...

示意图如下: 如数据在A2:A100, 在C2中输入公式:=SUBSTITUTE(A2,IFERROR(LOOKUP(9^9,--MID(A2,MIN(FIND({1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9},A2&123456789)),ROW(A$1:A$99))),""),"") , 公式下拉.

参照下面的公式: =MID(TRIM(A1),FIND(" ",TRIM(A1))+1,FIND("々",SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A1)," ","々",LEN(TRIM(A1))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A1)," ",""))))-FIND(" ",TRIM(A1))) 如果头尾没有空格,公式可以简化为: =MID(A1,FIND(" ",A1)+1,FIND("々",SU...

n.物体; 目标; 宾语; 客体,对象; vi.不赞成,反对; 抱反感; vt.提出…作反对的理由

It is very difficult to answer this question. I think because of the traditional culture and the personality of people.

Animation for children is always an indirect life experience can be a happy childhood and audio-visual resources, regardless of their country of children, as long as they are of normal intelligence, they would have been in thei...

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