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英语翻译:这些老北京人还过着与他们的祖父辈一样的生活。 thosE olD BEijingErs

除了 those 是那些外,应该改成 these ,其他没有语法错误.

Two men were traveling in a very wild and lonely of America.For days,they had not “Those old Indians know more of the secrets of nature “这太不可思议了!”那人对他

1,a I want to go to the Sun Hotel.Do you know it?2,b he saw an old man at the side of the road3,c No,"the old man answere,"this is my house4,b and they drove for about twelve miles5,c 12-9

6.D 本文开篇说年轻人和年长者不一定总是意见统一,但后来说明NY有个program使adults and teenagers live together in peace,然后解释了这个program是怎样使他们in peace的,所以选D7.C “ The aim is not just to kee

Those Two Wonderful People 那两个极好的人We live with them,grow up with them and often take them for granted.They work hard,take us on exciting holidays,give us food,

1.get paid 领工资,收取报酬 week2. two ,(some families think.however, the supporters.) paying 3.without(不付钱) but/while(表转折) 4. learn (原文出现的help kids learn important skills of how to use it.) ; times(in these difficult economic(经济的)times)任务型阅读虽然意思对即可得分,但最好是用原文中的词,这是解题的技巧.加油!

这个句子并不怪异啊,是一个with引导的独立主格结构,其形式是:with +名词(代词 available to the ancient Greeks and Romans【后置定语,修饰those,那些古希腊和

Today i had to clean up the city parks,when i arrive there this morning at about 6am,you can still hear the birds singing in the sky as well as old people practising tai chi in the

1. relax themselves 2. have trouble

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