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1. Pls. pay attention to the samples marked with Mrs in the box and transfer it to him instead of me.2. I have sent out these samples and cargo for Mr, pls. check.

内附样品在这个箱子里,型号:F532The sample with the type F532 is attached in the case .附:最恰当的用attached或者:The type F532 sample is attached in the case.

内有样品sample inside

way titiksiz!!!

1. Wang Li's father has taught English here since he graduated from Peking University.从清华大学毕业后,王丽的父亲就一直在这儿教英语.2. Please give this book to

1 Follow the direction,and you will know how to take the medicine 2 After the meeting , students took their way out of the hall 3 It suddenly came to her mind that she could not remember what her father had said 其他自己找 好好看课文很容易翻


Dear Mr/Mrs/MissAs today is my birthday, I thought this parcel is from my friend as my birthday gift. I found out that it wasn't my gift after opening, and I do apologize for the mistake I have made. However, I have repacked the parcel so no worries about it.

是lend a hand吧.Please lend me a hand to carry this heavy box.

Mrs.Smith 史密斯太太

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