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what became of 翻译出来就是发生了什么。 what became of my second brother i never knew 在我第二个兄弟身上发生了什么,我从来不知道。 any more than my father or mother knew what became of me. 不见得会比 我爸妈了解我。 合起来,理一...

Now, the VOA Special English program WORDS AND THEIR STORIES. 现在是VOA慢速英语词汇掌故节目。 Have you ever considered all the English expressions that include words about clothes? Let's see if I can name a few off the cuff, or...

Firstly, to increase the subsidies for food production and the grain purchase prices. These measures can reduce the income gap between food production and off-farm work, so as to arouse the farmers’ enthusiasm of food productio...

you asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up

翻译: I will attend the interview 我会准时参加面试 重点词汇准时punctual; on time; on schedule 面试an oral quiz; an audition [例句]We can certainly have the job finished on time. 拓展资料说“会准时参加面试”,在西方文化中看来这就...

2001年10月 清华都市文苑小区项目被市政府定为A市重点、亮点工程 In OCT. 2001, QING WA DUSHI residential Garden was accredited as the important highlight building by A government 2002年03月 被A市评为消费者信得过的单位及诚信单位 In ...

you start to form a picture of this part of their personality. 你开始对他们的个性(这部分)有一个粗略的了解。

每一块板都要是竖向排版 我觉得这个句子是从招贴画或宣传板的制版要求上摘出来的,这里告诉你每一块板子都要是横短竖长的排版方式。portrait指横短竖长,landscape指横长竖短。


亲爱的珍妮弗女士: 我已经明白了,谢谢。 我们现在使用的是SK-02型交换机(20-25k/每年),我觉得你们的交换机和电缆价格非常合理。过后我会订购其它样品。 其它: 如果你们可以生产卷曲电缆,我有个问题要问: 邮件附件中有我想购买的产品照片。

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