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Please talk to me in English, will you?

From the begining, we wish to have an good ending, right? I hope we will always be like that in future.

I have/had a sense of embarrassed. a sense of embarrassed某种意义上的尴尬 等同于I feel a little awkward.

“请你说慢一点,我英语不是很好”的英文翻译可以说:Please speak slowly. My English is not very good. 重点词汇 1、慢一点slower; Slow down; Slow down a bit 2、英语English 3、不是fault; blame 扩展资料: 提高英语口语的方法 一、模仿。怎...

I like English, I want to be an English teacher in 10 years. I want to teach my students as much as possible. I want to try to lecture in english. I want to make my class lively and interesting. In addition, the students all li...

1. I'm very thankful for your breeding and teaching. 2. When I cry, you will comfort me. 3. When I laugh, you will too. 4. When I have any difficulties, you will help me out.

根据语境用不同的单词。idea是观点的意思,跟opinion的意思一致,用的地方也差不多,可以相互替代。 concept更书面一点。口语中一般不会用到。是概念的意思。 Concept,概念,是连接策略和创意(idea)的中间环节,它是团队合作中的沟通方法,把...

Would you please find a Chinese translater for me? 请帮我找一个中文翻译

My wage now is twice that 5 years ago. 上面都错了。因为比较的是income不是five years ago。 compared with my income 5 years ago, it has doubled.

Would you please let me know where my application procedure is now, and what is the difficulities duiring this period?

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