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Please talk to me in English, will you?

Could I speak to you in Chinese? My English is not so good. 英语属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日耳曼语支,通过英国的殖民活动传播到世界各地。 英语是最多国家使用的官方语言,也是世界上最广泛的第二语言。 英语也是与电脑联系最密切的...

I have/had a sense of embarrassed. a sense of embarrassed某种意义上的尴尬 等同于I feel a little awkward.

From the begining, we wish to have an good ending, right? I hope we will always be like that in future.

I like English, I want to be an English teacher in 10 years. I want to teach my students as much as possible. I want to try to lecture in english. I want to make my class lively and interesting. In addition, the students all li...

1. I studied and lived with American students for five days 2. At first I was afraid to talk to American kids

My wage now is twice that 5 years ago. 上面都错了。因为比较的是income不是five years ago。 compared with my income 5 years ago, it has doubled.

我叫崔丞哲,今年12岁,是一个中国男孩。自从我看完了《哈利波特与魔法石》,我就深深喜欢上了这部电影,喜欢里面聪慧的赫敏-格兰杰,勇敢的哈利-波特,亲和的罗恩-韦斯莱… My name is Cui Chengzhe, this year 12 years old, is a Chinese boy....

Would you please let me know where my application procedure is now, and what is the difficulities duiring this period?

不客气(不用谢),这是我应该做的(这是我的工作),我应该做得更好 翻译:That's all right. That is my duty and I could make it better. 希望对你有帮助,望采纳,谢谢!

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