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第一题:W:i want to【 send 】 a letter to a friend .how do you 【use】the computer what do you first?L:first,【switch on 】the computer.next,【click】the mouse to 【open】 a new document.then 【 use

第一个:Really,副词,真的吗?players,动词加er或or一般指从事这项运动、工作的人drawing,like+doingheroes,英雄,这个没什么可解释的skating,go doing,去做什么事,比如go swimming

1.How's 2.awful 3.rules 4.wear 5.T-shirt 6.food 7.eat 8.for 9.outside 10

1.Lana said she was mad at Marcia.2.She did well in the maths exam yesterday.3.I so he is in good health.5.Mike speaks English and French as well.6.I often help my

1.D2.G3.C4.B5.F分 析:1.D句意:-我可以帮助你吗?-好的,呃,Tom,你想要什么 考点:补全对话. 考点分析: 考点1:补充句子 英语句子是由主语(subject) 谓语

1.surprised 2.Zoos 3.for 4.caring for 5.don't support 6.many 7.better 8.is suitable for 9.are kept 10.hardly

1. trees 2. not 3. protecting 4. go 5. something 6. why 7. simply 8. in 9. that 10. spent 11. If 12. they

一.CDAEB二、1.are passing/pass 2.show3.keep4.call5.borrow6.catch7.finish8.buy9.mend10.swimming

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