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we are going to talk something about the distinctions of education between China and America. There are several differences between China and America in education.We think the most important difference is the aim of educationGood morning,

中外??外国有很多啊,而且都不一样,是中日、中韩、中美、中法等等 先给你找个中美吧 I am in the country after completion of primary, secondary, to the United States in 2006 on a secondary school grade 11 (equivalent to the domestic High

Life is like dumplings, time is a skin, experience is filling. Suantiankula all for taste, perseverance and confidence is JiaoZiPi on drape, life danger to be severely squeeze, was a boil once, bitten once, if there is no experience, hard outfit mature,

In my opinion,the differences between Chinese universities and Western universities are summarised in 4 parts concluding ownership, educational system ,attitudes about students and teaching-learning system.Part1:OwnershipFirstly,Most of the

There are some differences between China education and Western education.First in our country children are demanded to study many subjects from a young age .And they are often forced to accept their parents' opinions about education.While in

美国人认为大学本科教育是一个自由人最基本的教育,它帮助一个体成长为一个具有理性思辨能力和批判精神的健全人.Americans believe that university education is the most basic education, a free man it helps a individual grow into a rational

Chinese university prefers to teach how to get high scores in the daily life . In China ,most of the students go to colleage by passing an exam. The higher you get in the exam, the more choices you have . While you must apply to a university abroad.

In the starting of the university's life, I have been attracted by a flock of birds and awell-bred students, it is charming to be a member of students amidst the people with talented brain and strong study skills. Without doubt, it is the people who are

谈中外文化差异 A Study of the Differences between

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