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My aunt's name is Li Ling.She is my father's 3th young sister,and she is 38 years old this year.Shopping and touring are her favourite.She always give me some wonderful gifts,so I love her very much.She like drinking green tea,and she also like

My Mother My mother is 30 years old, she is not tall, with long hair. She is an English teacher in Baisha Middle School. She gets up at 7:10 every day, goes to work by bus. She loves her job and all of her students. Mother likes running and dancing.

您好:My aunt is a very beautiful woman. She thirty-six years old. She has a beautiful face and a beautiful mouth.And sheis policewoman .She works very hard. She like me best. AndI like her best,too. She likes to eat meat,bananas. She likes to drink

有点小空,呵呵,写了点你参照一下,好久没写过了这样的作文了. My mother is a beautiful and kind woman.She is 35 years old.And she work as a Saleswoman in a company of Guangzhou City. Mom told me that one of her favorite things to do

My mother is tall \ short. She has long hair and big eyes. She's thirty-five \forty\ She's a teacher \ docter \ worker\ She works in a school \ hostital \ factory\She likes reading books\ watching TV\ singing\

1. profile 2. appearance 例句与用法: 1. 她和她姐姐外貌相似,但性格不同. she resembles her sister in appearance but not in character. 2. 他对她外貌的一些评论有点太露骨了. some of his comments about her appearance were a bit close to

my mother is tall and thin.she has big eyes.she is 36 years old. she is a doctor.she works in a hospital.she likes sleeping and watching tv.

my mother is forty with long hair and she has big eyes and thin eyebrows.she doesn't go to work but take care of my family at home .she likes surfing the internet and playing bedminton .she also likes shopping. this is my mother.

My mother is tall. She has long hear. She is thirty years old. She is a police. And she works at police station.She likes playing badminton. I often play it with her.

我的父亲是一个善良的人.他不是很高,但他是一个男人的毅力.他的作品很难和他的服务受到了高度评价. 我父亲是一个人的献身精神.每天早上他起床最早,使我们的早餐.晚上,他始终是晚回来.在周末,他总是带领我们去郊游在他的汽车.他是一个男人的几句话,但他常说我“有一点学习是一个危险的事. ”我将永远记住这些话. 我非常爱我的父亲.

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