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英语作文lEt 's wAlk to sChool

你好! let 's walk to school 让我们步行去学校

Last sunday, Mr.Lee got up very early to go fishing. He spent the whole day sitting beside the river but got nothing at the end of the day. Therefore, Mr.Lee was very dissapointed due to that he had to go home by dinner time. O...

I always go to school on foot.And I walk down the street.There are many buildings on each side of the streets,such as:libraries,parks,shops and so on. Now you can see there is a beautiful park in my left,there are many flowers ...

I think going to school on foot is good for us. First of all, walking to school is a wonderful way to exercise and it’s good for our health. Second, it’s fun to walk together with my classmates on weekdays. We can talk about so...

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