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My name is moumou,and i have a good friend.we are all students.for this year.we have changed a lot.i learned to play basketball and my friend Xiao could draw some beautiful pictures,at the same time,i have been taller than before because of

An Unforgettable Holiday I am 'always busy with my lessons. What I have to do everyday is nothing but study. Luckily, last summer my family went to my uncle's farm.We enjoyed a really interesting holiday. During the holiday, I didn't have to get up

I have been in this school for five years.In the past five years, quite a few changes have taken place here.On one side of the road, there is a new classroom building. On the other side, where was the playground three years ago, but now stands

My campus used to be a small one with only two buildings.One was for students the other one was for teachers.But now it is much larger than the past.There stands two dormitory buildings in the campus.And our school was an unknown one in our

一般现在时 我们家一共有三口人,爸爸妈妈和我.我的爸爸非常喜欢吃苹果,我的妈妈喜欢吃香蕉,我喜欢吃梨.我每天早晨6点起床,吃完饭后骑自行车去上学.我的妈妈是一名教师,在一所中学教书,爸爸是一个农民.我很爱他们!A total

1. myself I am a student of grade six.I am a girl(boy),I am very cheerful,I like to make friends.l always feel very happy when l was playing with my friend.I think friends are as important as my family.l also love my father and mother.Because they love me,

Summer holiday is coming. We are very happy. Because we can play games or visit our friends during the holidays. I decisided to do my homework first. Then I can go shopping and buy many things for my grandmother. I want to go to the town by bus

i had a very busy day last sunday.i ate breakfast after i get up,then i did my homework in the morning and watched tv at noon.then in the afternoon,i finished my homework and played computer games before dinner.i ate dinner at 7 o'clock.after that,

Here is a photo of my family. (一般现在时)My father took this photo yesterday.(一般过去时)In this photo, I am watching TV.My mother is cleaning the room. My sister is doing her homework. (现在进行时)My sister is a good student. She often

二、进行时态 1.现在进行时 (1)表示现在正在进行的动作,常与now,right now,at the mother,for the time being,for the present等连用.例如: Don't disturb her. She is reading a newspaper now. (2)表示现阶段经常发生的动作, 常与always,

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