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一件难忘的事情(An Unforgetful Thing) How time flies!I'm fifteen years now.During the long time,there was one thing that I will never forget. The Spring Festival is our traditional festival.During the Spring Festival,people usually visit their friends and

An unforgettable experience Usually,the first time you did something is unforgettable,although it couldn't be always wonderful. As for me,an unforgettable experience of mine is the first time I joined the Red Cross.We took boxes,and walked on the

每个人的一生都会遇到许许多多的事.当然,我也不例外. 我的一生中遇见过伤心的事,后悔的事,高兴的事.因时间的飞逝,我也渐渐的淡忘了.可有一件事,像是刻在了我的心里,使我终生难忘! 那还是我小学的时候,一次放假.我便约

一次难忘的经历 英语作文an unforgettable experience this summer holiday, i went to dalian with my family. we got there by air. dalian is a very beautiful and modern city. on the bus, we could see all kinds of buildings which were great.in the morning,

As a student ,I don't have any great event to talk about ,but here I want to share my experience of preparing for the high school entrance examination.During the first three years of junior school ,we were very happy and free .But we often heard that

My families plan to visit the interesting place p of Shanghai.We are led to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower ,a famous tourist attraction,which is on every Shanghainese's lips.It is a magnificent building located in Pudong New Area,it is the tallest building,

one of my most unforgettable experiences occurred on a day last summer, when i was handing out newspapers from door to door. disappointed at my study results, i didn't want to go to school any longer. i found a temporary job during my summer

An Unforgetful Experience in the Great Wall It was a sunny day yesterday ,and it was Sunday .My parents and I paid a visit to the Great Wall.We start out at 8 in the moring,

it is a sunny day when i wailed around my school .suddenly,i heard some one crying of her fail in maths.i want to lend her my hand,so i told her my experience during my

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