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We need a little more time. 我们还需要一点时间。 Sweet little red-haired girl.亲爱的红发小女孩. Offering little or no hope.很少有或者没有希望. We all have our little failings.我们都有小的缺点. How come you eat so little?你怎么...

There is little water.这儿已经没有水了. There is a little water.这儿只有少许水了. 一个表否定,一个表肯定.

We need a little more time. 我们还需要一点时间。 Don't call me little tom. 不要再叫我小汤姆了。 They can survive on very little money. 他们用很少的钱就可以生存。 Italy is not little ireland. 意大利可不是小小的爱尔兰。 There is ...

There are so many books under my desk. There are so many people in the square. There are so many flowers in the park. We have so many books to read I have so many friends. There is so much money on the table. I miss you so much...

Sweet little red-haired girl.亲爱的红发小女孩。 Offering little or no hope.很少有或者没有希望。 We all have our little failings.我们都有小的缺点。 How come you eat so little?你怎么吃得这么少? There is little evidence either wa...

we have a little water to drink. 我们只有一点水可以喝了。we have little water to drink。 我们几乎没有水喝了。there are a few students in the classroom.班里还有几个人。there are afew students in the classroom。班里几乎没人啦。

He has few friends here, he feels lonely. 他这里没朋友,他感觉寂寞。 Few of my friends were there. 我的朋友中几乎没有人在那里。 The music appeals to the few. 这种音乐只有少数人能欣赏。 Few men have had such transcendental capac...

a little英[? ?litl] 美[e ?l?tl] adv.少量地,稍许地; adj.少量的,稍许的; [例句]Excuse me I seem to be a little bit lost. 对不起,我好像有点听不明白了。

I love France,so I have learned a lot about this country.I can speak a little French and share my feeling with my French friends.

In the basket,the apple is little,the banana is less,and the pear is the least.不知道对不对,呵呵

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