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Hollaback girl

我相信我能飞翔 i believe i can fly i believe i can fly - r. kelly i used to think that i could not go on and life was nothing but an awful song but now i know the meaning of true love i'm leaning on the everlasting arms if i ca...

就是,l miss you 你说这句歌词前面是不是带baby baby这俩单词

done 嘟比嘟比 disturbia space cowboy 【不知道里面有你想要的没】

stronger You know the bed feels warmer, Sleeping here alone, You know I dream in color, And do the things I want. You think you got the best of me Think you had the last laugh Bet you think that everything good is gone. Think y...

额,提供的信息太少了 应该再说一下听到的意境,伤感还是悲壮,亦或者欢快

Carrie Underwood 的 Undo It ,我要分~

应该是这首。 Boom Clap - Charli XCX Boom Boom Boom Clap You're picture perfect blue Sunbathing on the moon Stars shining as your bones illuminate First kiss just like a drug Under your influence You take me over you're the magi...

Leaving Los Feliz 播放 歌手:Mark Ronson 语言:英语 所属专辑:Uptown Special 发行时间

Lenka的the show吧,我怀疑你吧don't know where to go 的go听成了girl,挺有节奏的。 如果还不行,你还记得歌曲的旋律吗?百度搜索 midomi,第一个进去,把歌哼出来就可以识别音乐的名字

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