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在河边翻译成英文是by the river。 by, beside, near, on 这组词的共同意思是“靠近,在…旁边”。beside是一般用语,其宾语可以是表示任何人或事物的名词。 by强调“紧贴”,其宾语可以是一般的人或事物,但更常见的是side或含有side的名词。 near所...

他的房子坐落在河边的英文 His house is on the bank of the river.

河边的 riverain;riverine 河边的 riparious 河边的孩子 Children Of The River 波河边的 cispadane

公司想把新厂设在河边 翻译是: The company wants to set the new plant in the river

你能在河边看到树吗 looking from the riverside ,can you see the trees? 楼上翻译有歧义 有介词短语作定语之嫌

We should not go and play by the riverside alone.

原句 “经常到”的英语是 often go to 河边是 riverside, riverbanks, by the river 因此 我们经常到河边玩 最贴切的翻译是 We often go to the riverbanks to play. 希望对你有帮助。

Three people discuss the color of the water in the river 

I like to drink coffee with my friends by the riverside on Sunday afternoon.

我每天早上六点钟去河边散步。 ------ At 6:00 every morning, I go for a walk along the river. //// At 6:00 every morning, I take a walk along the river.

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