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在河边 翻译英文

His house is situated by the river His house is located by the river His house is situated beside the river

河边的 riverain;riverine 河边的 riparious 河边的孩子 Children Of The River 波河边的 cispadane

位于be located on

你好 “我想在河边坐一会儿” 翻译成英语是: I'd like to sit by the river for a while.

晚上他们喜欢坐在河边英文 They like sitting at the side of the river at night. 满意请及时点赞,谢谢

She closed her eyes and was sitting by the river 她闭着眼睛正坐在河边

millions of by the river a few minutes later five minutes later fell surprised

I spent most of my childhood sitting alone by the river until the sunset was ready to leave. Although more than a decade later, I have never changed.

There is a river in our school,last year a factory was built near the river and drain off dirty water to the river,it makes the river polluted.

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