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原句: 中国菜有很多种类 翻译: There are many kinds of Chinese food

中国菜味道多种多样的 的翻译是: Chinese dishes are diversified.

她习惯吃中国菜的翻译是:She is used to eating Chinese food

我不习惯吃中国菜的翻译是:I'm not used to eating Chinese food

中国菜的翻译是:Chinese food,见下图百度翻译

驴打滚儿 rolling donkey(翻滚的毛驴)夫妻肺片 Husband and wife's lung slice(丈夫和妻子的肺切片)童子鸡 Chicken Without Sexual Life(还没有性生活的鸡)回锅肉 Twice-cooked Pork(烹了两次的肉)麻婆豆腐 beancurd made by a pock-marked woma...

色、匂い、味と三拍子揃っている 我写作文的时候刚写过,问了日本外教,说是这样表达的

八大菜系 Eight Famous Cuisines 鲁菜 Lu Cuisine (Shandong Cuisine) 川菜 Chuan Cuisine (Sichuan Cuisine) 粤菜 Yue Cuisine (Guangdong Cuisine) 闽菜 Min Cuisine (Fujian Cuisine) 苏菜 Su Cuisine (Jiangsu Cuisine) 浙菜 Zhe Cuisine (Z...

1.There are also many differences between Chinese food and Japanese food. 2. Harmonic is the most important factor in Chinese dishes. When it comes to Japannese dishes, it will be replaced by fresh. 3. Chinese people attach imp...


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