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嶄忽暇龍祇謹嶽謹劔議 議鍬咎頁 Chinese dishes are diversified.

多嬉獄隅 rolling donkey(鍬獄議谷多)健曇稽頭 Husband and wife's lung slice(嬋健才曇徨議稽俳頭)湧徨痔 Chicken Without Sexual Life(珊短嗤來伏試議痔)指腰扉 Twice-cooked Pork(搭阻曾肝議扉)醍禿狭遣 beancurd made by a pock-marked woma...

伊寄暇狼 Eight Famous Cuisines 続暇 Lu Cuisine (Shandong Cuisine) 寒暇 Chuan Cuisine (Sichuan Cuisine) 堊暇 Yue Cuisine (Guangdong Cuisine) 猪暇 Min Cuisine (Fujian Cuisine) 釦暇 Su Cuisine (Jiangsu Cuisine) 寃暇 Zhe Cuisine (Z...

仔肱討軌明 Cucumber preserved egg soup

嶄忽暇 Chinese Dishes 1.臼奨疹兌 roast Beijing duck 2.星徨痔供 saute diced chicken with hot peppers 3.幸卯痔供 saute diced chicken with peanuts 4.碕付扇噬 braised common carp 5.廃岫郎畔 saute fish slices with bamboo shoots 6.簗...

トマトのたまご慨め┠廃慨軌 1、犯明にはトマトを崔いてください。そして討を厚に弌さく俳っは恷嶮議には耐から距器娼冦挨しい。 2、腰嶄慧嗟を紗嗟はかすかに冖が、扮、しっかり恢み原け匣を紗えて慨めます、耐慨め撹の燕中にg巒祇廓表屯(...

soup-stock rump steak 釘揚電 T-bone steak T侘糠釘電 roast sirloin beef 疹釘翌芭 green fillet 楳敢戦執 fillet steak, country style 膣綫鐚弘 beef steak curried 色爼釘電 plain fried calf ribs 賠弱弌釘電 fried calf ribs 姆弌釘電 ...

Dần dần th┴ch ứng với thực phẩm Trung Quốc của ch┣ng tôi

弼、い、龍と眉田徨Bっている 厘亟恬猟議扮昨胡亟狛諒阻晩云翌縮傍頁宸劔燕器議

泌惚蝶繁傍厘浪散嶄忽暇宸嶽傍隈貌窄狛噐酒汽阻 鍬咎 Someone said I like Chinese food.

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