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Find in helping others 词典释义 find [take] pleasure [delight] in helping others be generous in giving help助人为乐 be glad to help others助人为乐 be happy that one can be of help to others

助人为乐 find in helping others 助人为乐[zhù rén wéi lè] 词典 find [take] pleasure [delight] in helping others; be generous in giving help; be glad to help others; be happy that one can be of help to others 网络 helpful; helpin...

(to) take pleasure in helping others.

I would like to recommend Daniel to recommend the most helpful student award awarded him the 7 grade. 我想要推荐丹尼尔建议授予他7年级最佳助人为乐奖.

助人要从日常小事做起,不因善小而不为。Help people to start from the little things, not good for small and for. 助人为快乐之本,助人为乐是一种美德,助人是人格升华的标志。 This is helpful for the happiness, find in helping others...

Today,when I was walking in the street,I found an old man who is blind was unable to cross the road himself.So I decided to help him.I ran to him and offered my help.I held his hand carefully and crossed the road with him slowl...

be willing to help,be always ready to help


Find in helping others

助人为乐: happiness lies in giving help to others Dora often finds it a pleasure to help others, but she is thought to have rocks in her head. 多拉经常助人为乐,但人们却认为她是干傻事。 Margaret has done so much for us without ...

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